Specializes on rehabilitation and maintenance of power engineering

specializes on rehabilitation and maintenance of power engineering, oil-and-gas producing, oil refining and petrochemical plants ,including on-shore and off-shore facilities such as trestles, fuel storages and other metal structures as well as pipeline transport, housing and public utilities and other industrial facilities of enterprises operating power engineering units and equipment. We study attentively our clients’ needs and propose both separate works and services and complex solutions as well, attaining realization of each specific project within optimal periods.


Capital construction is one of the most traditional and competitive products and consists in erection of new objects according to project design. Capital construction of industrial facilities is connected with installation of technological equipment. Our Company offers construction “on a turn-key basis”.
The scope of construction includes power generation stations, onshore and off-shore storages for fuel and chemicals as well as facilities for development of oil-and gas fields (power generation, metal structures, trestles, wells infrastructure, roads etc.)

This product allows the Client:

– To realize the project of capital construction.
– To carry out installation of the technological equipment.
– To choose the most suitable Contractor in relation of pricing and quality from a plenty of those in the repair-building market.
– The opportunity to receive service “on a turn-key basis” and to get rid of problems on interaction with organizations of different structure of activity .

Maintenance service includes a complex of works that are carried out during the overhaul period. The level of modern technology development allows us execution of high-quality maintenance service including monitoring and diagnostics, not only to increase duration of life cycle of the equipment, reduce quantity of defects and emergency switching-off of the equipment, but also essentially reduce cost of repair service.

This product allows Clients:

– To provide essential economy on corrective maintenance at rather low expense.
– To provide increase of reliability of the equipment, decrease quantity of refusals.
– To make one of necessary steps to repair «on a condition» when repair is carried out basing on not the periodical set of works but judging from the level of deterioration and reliability of an object.

We offer Repairing Work with the basic purpose of restoration of working capacity and technical characteristics of power generation facilities.
Similarly capital construction, repairing can be executed “on a turn-key basis” when the organization undertakes not only carrying out the repairing, but also develops its project.

The product allows the Client:
– To restore technical parameters of object of repairing;
– To increase service life of object of repairing (duration of life cycle);
– To choose the most suitable at price and quality Contractor from a plenty of those in the repair market;
– An opportunity to receive service “on a turn-key basis”

SEC actively implements automated processes in its operations including project design , project management as well as repair and maintenance operations;

This product allows the Client
– To raise production efficiency.
– To reduce number of industrial personnel
Automation is the tool which allows raising enterprise efficiency when all other tools have already been used.
Automation allows raising accuracy of processes, to decrease energy and materials consumption of the goods, to reduce costs and to increase volume of output. Power automation allows decreasing specific expenses of fuel for heat and electric power unit – the major parameter of production efficiency. Consequence of automation is reduction of human factor negative influence.

SEC professionally provides Clients with high quality service maintenance according with maintenance programs approved by a Client for 1, 3, 5 and more years of equipment operation under technical requirements of manufacturers and operation units of power generation, oil-and-gas facilities.
SEC already fulfilled a lot of maintenance projects in Russia, Iraq, Pakistan for power generation plants , transmission lines and oil-and-gas facilities.

SEC is involved in the process of training and education of local personnel as it indicated in each construction or rehabilitation contract.
Our Company has business relations and actual agreement with a number of Russian scientific and research institutions, such as Corporate Energy Institute of Moscow, where SEC in 2012-2017 carried out training of more than 60 Iraqi experts from the Ministry of Electricity of Iraq of different specialties and issued appropriate certificates.
High level of business process engineering in the Company at all stages from elaboration of design documentation to commissioning of a facility is proved by standard certificate ISO 9001:2008. The implementation of the basic principles of quality management system is evaluated through annual internal and external audits and it allows to increase the efficiency of operating activities of the Company. Effective operation of the SEC quality management system is being achieved by the team-work of personnel, resources and facilities control.