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We have a flexible system of payment. We work both on advance payment, and with payment after delivery. We give mutually advantageous conditions.


Our industrial platforms allow making assemblage of several orders simultaneously that allows us to give acceptable manufacturing time limits.


We render services of supervision installation and Starting-up and adjustment works, and also personnel training.





Installation ZBKiT is a necessary element for manufacture of components in chemical industry, pressure changes, and as volume pressure head dispensing. ATTENTION! The given good is manufactured only at pre-order!

Pump technological installations ZBKiT for dispensing of reagents and creation of necessary parametres at pumping over liquids are applied in technological processes of chemical, oil refining, heat power and food-processing industry

Technological installations should be issued in all climatic modifications, according to GOST 15150.

The range of temperature and humidity of air at operation of electric control device of technological installations with remote or programmed control should be installed on group of execution В3 (В4) GOST Р 52931 as for products of the third order.

Basis for installation can be both a frame and a plate made of following materials:

  • Steel 3
  • 09г2с
  • 12х18н10т (or analogues)
  • РР

Or foreign analogues

Pipeline armature, shutoff and control valves and necessary the equipment are selected individually, according to requirements of the customer.

Pipeline armature can be made of the following materials:

  • The Steel 3
  • 09г2с
  • 12х18н10т (or analogues)
  • PP
  • PVC-U (C)
  • PVDF

Or foreign analogues


Centrifugal installation ZBKiT represents an aggregated decision of centrifugal pump units including necessary equipment and electric part (including instrumentation and control equipment)

At installation of centrifugal pumps at pump station and their work on individual pipelines an assembly insert, return valve, shutoff valves, diffusor are installed on pressure head communications.

Pump stations are equipped with high-speed one- and multistage centrifugal pumps of high productivity (to 3000 m/h and more). Electric motors more are often used as a drive for the pumps. Stations are equipped with systems of centralised control and management.

The largest pumps are capable to pump over several thousand cubic metre of oil an hour. Each pump station provides certain speed of oil movement on its site, to the following station. Linear speed movements try to support within 1-1,5 l / second. Main pipelines are equipped with means of local automatics.

Vertical centrifugal pumps are intended for vertical installation by shaft position. The basic advantage of vertical pumps of type B is smaller size in the plan in comparison with horizontal ones and convenience of configuration for some types of pump stations. These advantages are especially essential for large pumps.

Example. To select water air ejector for filling with water of centrifugal pump with calculated lifting height //вс = 5 m. Diameter of lifting pipeline тр = 300 mm, its length = 20 m. Duration of filling of pump and lifting pipeline should not exceed 5 minutes Absolute pressure in the network of pump station is 0,45 MPa. This pressure was decided to use for work of ejector during operating time of pump station. If the basic pumps do not work, filling should be made by means of circulating installation with the centrifugal pump, water air ejector and a vacuum tank.

Application of adjustable drive considerably raises economic indicators of pump stations, economy of electric power reaches 10-15 %, Application of adjustable centrifugal pump allows to reduce number of pumps at pump stations. For the group of three-four working pumps it is enough to have one adjustable pump.

Vertical centrifugal pumps (with vertical shaft) are widely used at pump stations of the first lifting at big fluctuations of water level in the source, and also for lifting of underground waters from boreholes. Usually these pumps are connected directly to vertical electric motor.

Pump stations ZBKiT-2-ЦНУ-Q-H- У2-1a possess a set of advantages:

  • Smooth start-up:
    • Smooth start-up;
    • Absence of hydroblow at switch-on;
    • Minimisation of mechanical loadings;
  • Setting of certain pressure and its maintenance on the set mark.
  • Absence of “dry run”.
  • Minimization of current overloads.
  • Reliable protection against pressure differences.
  • Economical expenditure of electric power.


Our company produces and delivers Boxes of reagent preparation and dispensing, both according to individual projects, and ready standardised decisions: technological unit (class of explosive zone В-1а) and hardware unit (common industrial execution) b) technological unit combined with hardware (class of explosive zone B – 1а) c) technological unit class of explosive zone В-1а) and control box installed in the area of common industrial execution d) technological unit (class of explosive zone В-1а) and control box installed on the wall of technological unit. Scope of application includes preparation and dispensing of both liquids (neutral, aggressive, toxic and harmful liquids, emulsions and suspensions), firm particulate substances, and gases.

Box is a building construction providing safety of the set of thermophysical parametres and protection of covered technological installations, equipped with necessary process equipment, instrumentation and control equipment and engineering communications, installed either on specialised object or on the installation place.

Box represents a basis which is simultaneously a frame of technological installation ZBKiT-2-УНД-Q-P- У2-1а or ZBKiT-2-ЦНУ-Q-H- У2-1а, having protecting constructions made of metal, three-layer, wall and roof sandwich-panels, entrance in the form of a door and equipped with electric equipment system inside.

On request of the customer it is possible to install the following in box: alarm systems (fire, gas hazard and not authorised penetration into the box), ventilation and heating systems.

For input (output) in the box technological pipelines, electric cables and wires sealed passes (gaps) are provided in box walls in a place convenient for installation. Knots of passes through protecting constructions are made in the form of tubes rigidly built in in building constructions, backlash between the pipeline and the tube (from both ends) is filled by non-flammable material admitting moving of pipeline along its longitudinal axis. Configuration of process equipment in the box is executed according to requirements of design documentation, GOST 32569 and other standard documentation confirmed when due hereunder.

Installations ZBKiT-2-УНД-Q-P-У2-1а or ZBKiT-2-ЦНУ-Q-H-У2-1а, built in in a box, is based on a frame which represents an integral welded design from a channel. Dosing pumps equipped with gauges of membrane breakdown are put on the frame, shutoff and control valves and fittings, instrumentations are mounted.

ZBKiT-1 – БДР-Q-P – У2-1а represents technological installation ZBKiT-2-УНД-Q-P- У2-1а or ZBKiT-2-ЦНУ-Q-H- У2-1а, built in in a box.


Centrifugal pump units made by us meet high requirements of the State Standard and can be delivered in any complete set, depending on requirement of the customer.

Centrifugal console pumps of ZBKiT type and electric pump units on their basis are intended for pumping over of chemically active and neutral liquids with density no more than 1850 kg/m3 and kinematic viscosity to 30*10-6 m 2 / with (30 cS) with volume concentration of firm inclusions no more than 1,5 % with the size of firm inclusions no more than 1,0 mm

Centrifugal console pumps of ZBKiT type and electric pump units on their basis are applied in technological processes of chemical, oil refining, heat power and food-processing industry

Technological installations should be issued in all climatic modifications, according to GOST 15150.

The range of temperature and humidity of air at operation of electric control device of technological installations with remote or programmed control should be installed on the group of execution В3 (В4) GOST Р 52931 as for products of the third order.

Our installations include the following components:

  • Pump
  • Driving wheel
  • *Electric motor
  • *Base plate
  • *Guard plate
  • Connection box
  • Engineering specifications

Delivery of the pump is possible without products designated by asterisk (*). In this case half coupling of the electric motor is delivered without counterbore if its size is not agreed in the order.

On the frame / base plate / skeleton the centrifugal pump is equipped with electric motor by means of connection box. Connection box has a Guard plate.

Guard plate and also frame / base plate / skeleton can be made of the following materials:

  • St3ps
  • 09Г2С
  • 12х18n10t (or analogues)
  • PP
  • PVC – U (C)

Либо иностранные аналоги

Calculation of basic knots on durability, technological calculation of installation is made on each technological installation during performance developmental works.

There is a sheet of purchased products with instructions of necessary parametres on norms of durability and (or) durability of purchased products according to which it is made purchases on each standard size of technological installation.

Complete set of technological installation includes complete set ZIP providing necessary stock high-wear layers and sealing rings, springs, regulating washers for guarantee period.

At desire of the customer, we offer the following kinds of coverings:

  • Politon Ur (UF)
  • Cinotan

Processing before covering:

  • Mechanical processing
  • Degreasing
  • Etching


Modular stations are made in conformity and needs of the customer and can be executed in following executions: – Block boxing; – On the chassis; – On a sled; – In 20 and 40 foot railway (sea) containers;

ZBKiT-4-МС-Т-У2-1а are made according to needs of the customer and differ in type and sizes.

  • Placing of complex equipment for dispensing, including capacitor equipment, and also centrifugal installations of complex decision;
  • Placing of engineering equipment (control systems of technological and power equipment, power supply);
  • Placing of high-voltage supply equipment;
  • Placing in the form of 20, 40-foot railway or sea containers;
  • Placing in the form of several block-boxes or containers;
  • Placing on chassis;
  • Placing on sled

ZBKiT-4-МС-Т-У2-1а provide:

  • Possibility of installation in products of equipment of the Customer fixed by means of embedded elements of the construction;
  • Possibility of mechanised crane installation and removal of products from a vehicle and fastening on it with angular fittings;
  • Maintenance possibility in a working premise of the set temperature conditions in cold and hot climatic areas by means of system of microclimate maintenance and by means of choice of rational thickness of heat-insulation layer in panels of walls, floor and roof;
  • Fire safety of the construction designs, by means of application of non-flammable building materials and installation of fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems;
  • Restriction of access of extraneous persons to the functional equipment (apparatus) placed in the product;

Depending on requirements of the Customer, installation and assembling possibility in disposition places on the equipped bases or specially prepared platforms

ZBKiT-4-МС-Т-У2-1а can contain:

  • Container case with bearing external covering;
  • Panels of walls, roofs and doors with sheets of thermal protection placed between internal and external coverings;
  • Floor with heat-insulation layer, cable channels, blocks of cable inputs and antistatic covering;
  • Built in additional embedded constructions in the container case, installation providing possibility and fastening of engineering and functional equipment;
  • Shedding;
  • Demountable roof;
  • Platforms entrance (gangways-platforms);
  • Engineering equipment (control systems of technological and power equipment, power supply);
  • Board distributive;
  • Illumination system;
  • Anti-theft system and alarm system of intrusion of unauthorized people on the object;
  • Fire alarm system;
  • System of microclimate maintenance;;
  • Holders under blocks of tight cable inputs and inputs themselves;
  • Electrical supply system;
  • Grounding elements.

Obligatory requirements in the product are the following:

  • Reliability, convenience in operation and aesthetics;
  • Set thermophysical parametres of the premises according to design and construction specifications 50.13330.2012;
  • unimpeded access of a person or repair means to all knots and details of the product and installed equipment;
  • Necessary adaptability to manufacture at manufacturing and assemblage at the factory, transportation, installation and operation;
  • possibility of Transportation by water, automobile and air transport;
  • Safety at transportation, storage and transloading under condition of following of service and transportation regulations;
  • Convenience of performance of repairs, fastening of equipment, technical and commercial examinations;
  • Tightness of door, window and technological apertures.


Our industrial platforms are equipped only by modern technics and the equipment. The team of qualified workers provides quality and reliability of all manufactured products. We possess big capacity of industrial resources that allows us to design and perform simultaneously some large-scale projects.

Possibility to be present personally on internal test of production.

Possibility of detailed study of a product in a 3D model at RKD development stage


Individual selection of accessories, depending on requirements.


Assembly is performed by a qualified personnel, using the tools certified in the sphere of metrology.

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