JSC “IVKHIMPROM“ offers the services of the Innovation Technological Center (ITC):

Innovation and Technology Center

  • development of new types of products according to the technical specifications of the consumer;
  • consultations of specialists (4 candidates of chemical sciences in the staff);
  • preparation of samples for preliminary tests;
  • organization and participation in production tests at the consumer;

In the product range, we have various classes of surfactants:

Anionic surfactants 

Emulsifier EPL-1, Emulsifier SK-2 – emulsifiers for emulsion polymerization,

Oxyphos B-7, Alfanox 10 K – alkyl phosphates and alkyl ethoxy phosphates,

ISS (Sulfonated castor oil, Alizarin oil),

Nonionic surfactants 

Sintanol BV, Phenoxol 9/10 BV, Ethers PEG-400 ZhKKM – water-soluble,

Oleate PEG-200, Oleate PEG-300, Esters PEG-200 ZhKKM are oil-soluble.

KSAV Triamon – methyl-tris- (oxyethyl) -ammonium methyl sulfate, antistatic agent.

The ITC has the ability to create and expand the lines of ether carboxylicates (fatty acid esters) in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

It is also possible to obtain different types of surfactants :

– Alkyl sulphates and alkyl ethoxysulphates of ammonium

– Alkyl phosphates and alkyl ethoxy phosphates, potassium salts, acidic forms.

– Sulfosuccinates and sulfosuccinamates

– sulfoesters of fatty acids (sulfonated oils)

The operating time of pilot batches is from 40 kg.

Ecoanalytical laboratory

The Ecoanalytical Laboratory (EAL) of the enterprise is accredited by the Federal Service for Accreditation to carry out tests in accordance with the scope of accreditation.

Accreditation certificate: No. POCC RU.0001.512725. Valid until 25.02.2019.

EAL provides services for the sampling and analysis of natural, waste and drinking water, including microbiological research (License for the implementation of activities No. 37.ITs.02.001.L.000049.12.07 from 28.12.2007 provided indefinitely from 04.02.2013), air in the working area, the air of settlements, emissions into the atmosphere, soil, waste, measuring the physical factors of the working environment, monitoring the state of the air during gas hazardous work.

Testing center

The testing center of the enterprise is accredited as a Testing laboratory (center) by the Federal Service for Accreditation and complies with the requirements of GOST ISO / IEC 17025. Accreditation certificate No. ROSS RU.0001.512982 dated October 31, 2014.

The scope of the Test Center’s accreditation includes over 400 test methods. The objects of testing are universal, industrial, motor, turbine oils, oils for diesel engines, oil additives, low-freezing coolants, foaming agents for fire extinguishing, aviation gasolines, cutting lubricants, textile auxiliaries and many others.

Additives for motor and lubricating oils

Fire extinguishing

Foam concentrates for fire extinguishing

wetting agents, defoamers

Textile auxiliary substances: wetting agents, defoamers