Russian Electrotechnical Group Ruselprom is the leading manufacturer and supplier of electrical machines and drives in Russia. Our company was established in 1991. It is in the list of Top 400 largest enterprises in terms of sales volume, we are the leader in the exports of electric motors. Russian Electrotechnical Group Ruselprom is the official partner of Skolkovo fund and a member of Russian Electric Machinery Building Union.


Ruselprom is a private company since 1991, it incorporates several leading electrical machines plants of Russia: they are: Leningrad Electric Machines Plant (LEZ), Vladimir Electromotor Plant (VEMZ), Safonovo Electric Machines Plant ( SEZ), Scientific and Research, Design and Construction Technological Institute of electrical machines (NIPTIEM), Ruselprom Electromash, Ruselprom Engineering Center.

Manufacturing and design facilities are located in four cities of Russia, three plants are cities-forming enterprises. Total number of employers in Ruselprom Group is 4380 people including 476 design engineers (among them 26 people are Philosophy Doctors and 7 people are Doctors of Engineering Science.

Ruselprom Group is included into the list of Top 400 largest companies in Russia in terms of sales volume.

In the result of unification there the following points of competence were created: single supplies division, production facilities with strict system of budgeting and control over manufacturing costs, finance and profit center which is quite transparent for foreign investors. Besides all R&D and scientific activities are all consolidated in one Group.

Strategic development programme of Ruselprom Group stipulates creation of more than 6000 new workplaces by 2020.

Our Products

Ruselprom Group offers more than 3000 product positions: wide product range of electric motors from 0,25 kW up to 20 MW, generators up to 280 MW, digital excitation systems, frequency converters, reduced current starters etc. There are strong designers and engineering divisions in our company and the high quality of our staff gives us opportunities to develop and offer to our clients both standard and customized products and solutions which perfectly match to individual customers specific requirements.

The product catalogue of the group

Many customers prefer to choose our electric machines in equipment such as air and water pumps, compressors, ventilators, crushers, ball mills, grinding mills, transport lines and conveyors, elevators, cranes and these machines operate in wide variety of production facilities across many different industries.

Ruselprom products are used in mining and metallurgy, oil & gas, electro and nuclear power plants, hydro power stations, industrial machinery engineering and manufacturing, green power technologies, civil engineering, shipbuilding and other industries ensuring the design, production and supply different electric machines and solutions for any particular application. We successfully work both with Russian and foreign customers. Our machines operate in 52 countries.

Our values

Main target of Ruselprom Group stipulated in Development Strategy till 2020 is realization of innovative, engineering and manufacturing potential in alliance with OEM manufacturers and partners for promoting of competitiveness of our customers. We are ready to meet difficult challenges in the field of energy efficiency and to provide reliable operations of main equipment and systems of our customers with the help of effective design and technological solutions. Ruselprom Group has a team of professionals which consistently finds strategical solutions for our clients and partners. For end customers value of Ruselprom Group products as parts of equipment is “Ruselprom inside” concept; Ruselprom products also divide into efficiency classes for various segments of customers.

Development of technologies

Modern conditions give Russia a choice whether to go with the stream overcoming repeating crisises directly connected with energy prices or to modernize economical situation of the country and in that way not to depend on external factors. Development of industrial technologies is one the important directions of modernization of economy. A huge country mining and processing a greater part of world mineral treasures, having enormous potential of specialists cannot allow itself to be on the backstage in the race of world technologies development.

Russia is one of few countries in the world which has capability to carry out its own developments in technology sector including technologies in electric machinery building sector. Studies of Soviet and Russian technologists have always had a significant meaning in the world scale especially when it goes about precise processing of materials, studies of magnetic field, use of new materials and components created on their basis. We can say with confidence that we have everything, just only a wish that is needed.

The widest products range of Russian electric motors and drives from Manufacturer.

Outsourcing for maintenance and servicing of electrical equipment available at Ruselprom Group.

Except for traditional servicing in the forms of supervision installation works, commissioning, warranty servicing, supplies of original spare parts and technical maintenance during post warranty period, we offer you to make use of service support services right at sites of our customers. This business model creates competitive advantages in terms of servicing of current equipment, renewing old equipment, getting rid of non-core assets and creating a mechanism of losses indemnity resulted from idle time of equipment.