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Textile auxiliary substances

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Textile auxiliary substances: wetting agents, defoamers

JSC “IVKHIMPROM” offers a series of highly concentrated time-tested wetting agents, detergents and defoamers for all stages of finishing production.

Syntanol BV is a highly concentrated, low foaming, biologically mild non-ionic wetting agent and detergent for all stages of finishing production, resistant to hard water. Mass fraction of the active substance is 92-94%.

Fenoxol 9/10 BV is a highly concentrated, low-foaming, non-ionic wetting agent and detergent for all stages of finishing production. Resistant to hard water. Mass fraction of active substance is not less than 92%.

Sulfoside 61 – a composition of anionic and nonionic surfactants with the addition of an antifoam agent, a low foaming biologically soft wetting agent and detergent for desizing, decoction, bleaching, dyeing, and fabric washing processes; emulsifier in the composition of composite preparations. Mass fraction of active substances is not less than 65%.

“Talka” detergent paste is a composition based on alkyl sulfates with active additives, resorbents and optical brightener; it is used as a detergent that reduces the washout of the white background of printed fabrics.

A series of avivazh and lubricants for woolen fibers includes such preparations as Sizing B-73, Ivastat SHL, Soluble textile lubricating oil.

Ivastat SHL has enhanced antistatic properties, which makes it possible to process wool, its mixtures with synthetic fibers and even purely synthetic fibers without the additional introduction of antistatic agents.

The choice of antistatic agent is determined by the nature of the textile material. The most electrifying materials, such as lavsan, polyamide, aramid, require the use of the most powerful cationic antistatic agents.

The range of finishing products of JSC “IVKHIMPROM” allows obtaining modern types of finishing cellulose fabrics: low-wrinkle finishing, low-shrink finishing, MARS, PUKHO, silky-silky finishing, polishing, embossing, easy ironing.

To combat increased foaming , antifoam PK-3 is produced – an antifoam agent , a preparation for defoaming in processes based on the use of aqueous solutions of wetting agents, degreasers, and detergents.