Sodium liquid glass



Sodium liquid glass

Sodium liquid glass

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Application of liquid glass

It is used as a stabilizer for the peroxide bleaching process, a component of the cooking composition that increases the decoction efficiency and prevents the formation of rust stains. Binder in the manufacture of molds and cores in foundries.

The use of liquid glass is mainly found in construction as a waterproofing material for foundations, walls, floors, as well as in the construction of swimming pools. Due to its excellent adhesive properties, it is also used for bonding certain types of building materials. Impregnation of materials such as paper, cardboard, wood, gives them additional strength, and also provides protection against fire.

It is also often used in the production of refractory paints and coatings, acid-resistant concretes and cements.

As a manufacturer of liquid sodium glass, the Ivkhimprom plant sets competitive prices, while product quality is monitored at all stages of production.


Sodium silicate aqueous solution.


Thick liquid, yellow or gray.

Physiochemical properties

Mass fraction of silicon dioxide,% 24.8 – 36.7
Mass fraction of sodium oxide,% 8.0 – 13.3
Silicate module 2.7 – 3.3
Density, g / cm 3 1.36 – 1.50


Low hazard substance.

Warranty period of storage

12 months.


We carry out delivery by railway transport and tank trucks, in steel 200 l drums to Moscow and other cities of Russia.

To buy liquid glass produced at our factory or to find out the current prices, call our specialists in the sales department at one of the specified phones.

Terms of use

Recommended concentration (g / l) in processes:

– decoction in a periodic way 2 – 5

– decoctions in a continuous way 3 – 5

– batch bleaching 3 – 10

– continuous bleaching 7 – 20

In construction and foundry in graduation form.