Preparations for the leather and fur industry



Preparations for the leather and fur industry

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Preparations for the leather and fur industry: wetting agents, degreasing agents

The quality of finished products of the leather and fur industry and its competitiveness is largely determined by the choice of chemical materials used. JSC “IVKHIMPROM” brings to your attention effective wetting agents, degreasing agents, detergents – Ivol, Lanem, Lanem M, Sulfoside 61, Talka washing paste, as well as a preparation for emulsion fatliquoring and finishing of leather and fur based on natural high-quality fats – Castor oil sulfonated.

In the washing and degreasing processes in the fur industry, Lanham and Lanham M prevent felting and contribute to the production of friable fur, especially sheepskin. Ivol provides an effective primary wash for the fur.

The appearance and consumer properties of finished products largely depend on the quality of the wetting agent and degreaser. We recommend purchasing these drugs only from trusted manufacturers. JSC “IVKHIMPROM”, known as the Ivanovo Chemical Plant, has a reputation as a reliable partner and a conscientious manufacturer. Write or call us.

Preparations for emulsion fatliquoring of leather
Wetting agents, degreasing agents, detergents