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Preparations for the construction industry

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Foam concentrates for foam concrete, liquid glass

JSC “IVKHIMPROM” produces a number of drugs for the construction industry. The leading position in this list is occupied by a unique foaming agent for the production of foam concrete – PB-2000. Foaming agent PB-2000 is used as a blowing agent for the production of foam blocks of various brands.

Foaming agent – application

Foam concentrate PB-2000 is designed to obtain stable foam and is used in the production of aerated concrete (foam blocks), as well as in the manufacture of light wall and finishing materials. It can also be used in the production of aerated concrete and reinforced concrete. It has a number of characteristics: it is environmentally friendly, hardly combustible, and non-explosive. Belongs to the class of low-toxic industrial substances.
The PB-2000 brand is a liquid solution of surfactants with stabilizing additives. It is used as a foaming agent in the production of aerated concrete. This brand is distinguished by a significantly higher multiplicity and stability of foam and foam mass while maintaining the physical and mechanical properties of foam concrete in comparison with many analogues.
Very often, at a high expansion rate, the foam has a low coefficient of stability. And in the case of the required resistance characteristics, the foam has a noticeable negative effect on the hydration of the cement, slowing down the speed of hardening and reducing the final strength of the concrete.  Foam concentrate PB-2000 is characterized by a high coefficient of resistance and surpasses other well-known brands. Its components slow down the rate of hardening. Therefore, it can be transported over a considerable distance, which greatly facilitates the use and expands the possibilities of using the compositions. As a result, the foam concentrates produced by the IVKHIMPROM plant meet modern requirements for most of the most important parameters.
A number of precautions should be followed when using these formulations. The foaming agent should not contain traces of oils and petroleum products. This causes an irreversible decrease in the foam rate and deterioration of the solution. The frozen composition after defrosting completely restores its properties. But heating above 50 ° C is prohibited.
The company JSC “IVKHIMPROM” offers to purchase a high-quality product at an affordable cost. For the production of our products, we use synthesized in production and the best imported surfactants, which guarantee stable quality and full compliance with the declared characteristics.

Foam concentrate PB-2000 is used in all known technologies for the production of foam concrete: classical technology (separate method using foam generators), dry foam mineralization, foam bar technology and allows you to obtain foam concrete with a density of 350 – 1200 kg / m3.
As a blowing agent in the production of foam concrete, it is recommended to use it in the form of a 3% (vol.) Aqueous solution, called a working solution. To prepare the working solution, take 97 liters of water and 3 liters of a foaming agent and mix until smooth.
The optimum temperature of the working solution, which ensures the guaranteed expansion rate and foam stability, is 17-25 ° C.
When using a foaming agent, it is necessary to completely exclude the ingress of even traces of oils and petroleum products, as this leads to irreversible deterioration of the product: it loses its foaming ability.
The qualitative characteristics of the foam (expansion rate and stability) depend on the hardness of the water used to prepare the working solution of the foaming agent. When using water with a hardness of ≥ 5 mEq / l, it must be preliminarily softened by adding soda ash (Na2CO3).
It is necessary to store ready-made working solutions in a polymer container or in a container made of stainless steel. Use the prepared working solutions during the working shift.
In the production of foam blocks, foam concrete, it is possible to use a variety of additives. In the case of separate introduction into the concrete mixture, the PB-2000 foaming agent has good compatibility with plasticizers, hardening accelerators of inorganic and organic nature, etc. If the introduction into the mixture is not performed separately, it is necessary to obtain a special confirmation of compatibility.
Foam concentrate PB-2000 according to the degree of impact on the human body belongs to the IV class