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Lubricating and cooling liquids (coolant) – lubricants at the plant of JSC “IVKHIMPROM”

JSC “IVKHIMPROM” is the oldest enterprise in the chemical industry and one of the leading Russian enterprises for the development and manufacture of cutting fluid and technological means (COTS). Lubricants and cutting fluids plant.

The range of products of JSC “IVKHIMPROM” includes water-miscible (synthetic, semi-synthetic, emulsion) and oily liquids , as well as auxiliary substances for their long and high-quality work: bactericides, antifoam agents, detergents and disinfectants. Water-miscible cutting fluidsare complex balanced compositions of emulsifiers, sulfates, fatty acids, soaps and oils, which are produced in the form of concentrates and, mixed with water, continuously circulate in the system of a machine or equipment from several months to several years. From water-based concentrates (at least 60% oil), when diluted, saturated milk emulsions are obtained; semi-synthetic concentrates (15-30% oil) give transparent or translucent emulsions; synthetic (oil-free) – transparent solutions. Oil cutting fluidsare petroleum and vegetable oils, the technological properties of which are given by packages of special additives. Choosing the right brand is not easy. Indeed, for each machine tool and material used, the type of operation and the intensity of the process, a special composition is needed, and which one, according to the physicochemical characteristics, is difficult to determine. But even with a successful choice of cutting fluid, its effectiveness largely depends on the correct preparation of working emulsions, the use of biocides, defoamers and reagents for disposal, on the cleaning method, method of supply and further quality control.

Coolant is an indispensable element of most cutting and pressure machining processes. Turning, milling, drilling, grinding and other cutting processes of steels, cast irons, non-ferrous metals and alloys, non-metallic structural materials, stamping and rolling of metals are characterized by high static and dynamic loads, high temperatures, the effect of the processed material on cutting tools, stamping and rolling equipment … Under these conditions, the main purpose of the coolant is to reduce the temperature, power parameters of processing and wear of cutting tools, dies and rolls, to ensure a satisfactory quality of the processed surface. In addition, the coolant must meet hygienic, environmental and other requirements, have a complex of anti-corrosion, detergents, antimicrobial and other performance properties. The use of coolant in the processing of metals by cutting and pressure can increase the productivity of equipment, improve the accuracy of machined surfaces and reduce their roughness, reduce rejects, improve working conditions and, in some cases, reduce the number of technological operations.

Production of emulsol at the IVKHIMPROM lubricant plant

The universal emulsol of our production is a multicomponent composition. Produced in the form of concentrates, which are diluted with water to obtain coolant Emulsol is used in the form of a 10-15% aqueous emulsion as a coolant in the processing of ferrous, alloyed and non-ferrous metals and alloys. Emulsol is excellent for turning and milling work as well as for machining stainless steel.

Our lubricants plant produces emulsol with excellent quality indicators. It meets all GOST standards, which is confirmed by industrial tests. The composition undergoes strict laboratory control. The stability of the resulting emulsion makes it possible to achieve high efficiency of cutting fluids. Emulsol is non-toxic, therefore it is recommended for use in production, does not require specialized equipment for disposal and subsequent processing in order to protect the environment, does not pose a threat to human life and health. Currently, the composition has the widest range of applications. It has proven itself well in the Far North and low temperatures.

The use of high-quality cutting fluids, emulsol can significantly increase the technical and economic indicators of mechanical processing of products and their quality, and will also help improve the environmental situation at your enterprise. The IVKHIMPROM plant guarantees the high quality of its products – lubricants. Our assortment is wide. Our products meet all the requirements of modern production. This achieves an enhanced effect that contributes to minimal friction and wear and increased performance. All this leads to cost savings and an increase in the life of machines in factories.