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Aviation gasoline production

At the production site of JSC IVKHIMPROM, in cooperation with PJSC LUKOIL, the production of aviation gasoline grades B-91/115 and AVGAS 100LL was organized. Both brands are intended for use in piston engines of small aircraft. These are the most popular types of fuel for small aircraft, which successfully operate in agriculture, are effectively used in sports clubs, heliports, in private airlines and in parachuting.

The price of the aviation fuel we produce is almost two times lower than that of imports; impeccable quality is guaranteed by strict control at all stages of gasoline production. The aviation gasoline we produce is capable of providing a long service life for aircraft power units.

Industrial base

At present, the production site of JSC “IVKHIMPROM” is provided with a storage park for 2400 m³, compounding unit, storage facilities, loading and unloading railway and automobile overpasses. All tanks for oil products are equipped with a gas trapping system, lifting pipes, circulation circuits, which allows the production of fuels of various grades in accordance with GOST.

The capacity of this production is 60 thousand tons of aviation gasoline per year.

Control of filling level, temperature, weight of oil product in RVS-400 tanks is carried out by modern level gauges.

The aviation gasoline we produce fully complies with the parameters of GOST 1012-2013 and GOST R 55493-2013. In production we use additives:

  • Anti-knock additives that increase the octane number of gasolines.
  • Coloring additives. The use of identifying additives makes it possible to determine the type of fuel by color (B-91/115 – is colored blue, “AVGAS 100LL” – green).
  • Antioxidant Supplements. The involvement of these additives in aviation gasoline prevents the formation of resins and other oxidation products, effectively prevents the formation of sludge from lead compounds.
  • Anti-corrosion additives. Prevents the occurrence of corrosive phenomena in the aircraft fuel system.
  • Anti-electrostatic additives. Their involvement prevents the appearance of static electricity in the process of pumping gasoline.

The technology of industrial production of aviation fuel at IVKHIMPROM JSC was approved and agreed upon:

– grade B-91/115 of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise GosNII GA and the 25th State Research Institute of Chemotology of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation;

– brand “AVGAS 100LL” FSUE GosNII GA.

Certification of production was carried out, declarations of conformity of aviation gasoline grades B-91/115 and “AVGAS 100LL” to the norms of the technical regulations of the CU were received.

JSC “IVKHIMPROM” received a patent of the Russian Federation for invention No. 2530901 “Fuel composition of aviation gasoline”.


The warehouse site is equipped with points for loading aviation fuel for gasoline tankers and railway tanks, there are own access railway lines. You can also buy aviation gasoline with shipment in special metal barrels.

Together with the companies  LLC “PETROKHIM”  and LLC “PLASTNEFTEKHIM” we offer supplies of aviation gasoline to any part of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

Laboratory control

The laboratory of aviation gasolines became part of the accredited OTK IVKHIMPROM JSC (Accreditation Certificate ROSS RU.0001.512982 dated October 31, 2014). In this laboratory, on the basis of the latest equipment, a three-stage control is carried out:

  • the quality of incoming raw materials;
  • quantitative indicators of the mixed components;
  • the quality of the finished product – aviation gasoline (fuel).

All methods and techniques of laboratory testing have been mastered and included in the accreditation scope of the Quality Control Department of JSC “IVKHIMPROM”.

Decent quality

We understand very well that together with the pilots and mechanics we are responsible for the safety and lives of people. Therefore, we approach all stages of the production cycle with the utmost responsibility, purchase raw materials only from reliable suppliers, and exercise strict control at all stages of production.

The growing number of our clients is the best proof of our worthy work.