Ivanovo chemical plant “IVKHIMPROM” is the oldest enterprise in the chemical industry. 
In 1838, the Moscow merchant Lepeshkin founded this enterprise in the city of Ivanovo. 
The huge history of the enterprise is inscribed in golden letters in the annals of the domestic chemical and textile industries. 
Its development was and remains inextricably linked with the development of the chemical industry of the Russian Federation, countries that were part of the former USSR.


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The scientific potential of the 
Ivanovo Chemical Plant is significant. 
Own developments are products of 102 names. 
Over 40 new products have been developed in recent years.

Scientific developments do not stop, tk. 
requirements for production efficiency and environmental safety of products are becoming more stringent.

Fundamental knowledge of the raw material potential, processing techniques, high qualifications of the engineering and technical staff of the ITC allow us to carry out development in the shortest possible time with maximum consideration of the customer’s requirements.



Each foam concentrate for fire extinguishing produced by JSC “IVKHIMPROM” is distinguished by a stable composition, constancy of properties and a “large margin” of quality indicators during long-term storage.

Foam concentrates for fire extinguishing

JSC “IVKHIMPROM” is the largest manufacturer of synthetic foam concentrates for fire extinguishing in Russia. Currently, the enterprise produces more than 30 types of high-quality foaming agents and extinguishing agents for extinguishing various combustible materials, including oil products. The range of products manufactured by JSC IVKHIMPROM almost completely covers the needs of firefighters in Russia and the CIS countries in terms of range for fighting fires at any industrial and civil facilities, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and other state and corporate structures.


In recent years, the production of hydrocarbon products has been significantly expanded, and the production of fluorinated foaming agents and other fire extinguishing agents has been mastered.
At the Ivkhimprom plant you can buy general and purpose-based foam concentrates, which are designed to extinguish class A and B fires using low, medium and high expansion foam.

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About the company
In Soviet times, with a planned economy, the plant fully met the country’s needs for the production of textile auxiliaries (TWA) for the production of chemical fibers, the textile and leather industries.

After the collapse of the Union, the 
Ivanovo chemical plant lost a significant part of the market. 
The partners left the Baltics, Central Asia, Ukraine. 
It became obvious that the “old” assortment does not ensure stable operation of the enterprise and its dynamic development. 
Therefore, new directions were chosen, corresponding to the needs of the market.

In the difficult years of restructuring the economy of the entire country, the company mastered the production of new drugs for itself, such as 
cutting fluidsfor metalworking, auxiliary substances for oil, gas, mining industries, paints and varnishes, 
foaming agents for fire extinguishing , components for household chemicals, adhesive additives for bitumen emulsions for road construction purposes, components for the construction industry (sodium 
liquid glass ), etc. In recent years, JSC “IVKHIMPROM” has mastered and established the production of additives used in engine oils for various types of engines, both diesel and gasoline, which prevent the aging of oils, have detergent, neutralizing, dispersing, antioxidant and anticorrosive properties, and also the production of additives for diesel fuel and gasoline according to Euro 4 standard.