Personal protective equipment

The Energocontract Group of Companies is a leading Russian developer and manufacturer of high-tech personal protective equipment (PPE). For over 26 years we have been creating kits to protect against the main occupational risks , THE FACTORY IS EQUIPPED WITH THE LATEST EQUIPMENT AND IS THE MOST TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED WEAVING ENTERPRISE IN RUSSIA



THE FACTORY IS EQUIPPED WITH THE LATEST EQUIPMENT AND IS THE MOST TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED WEAVING ENTERPRISE IN RUSSIA The own weaving production of Energocontract Group of Companies was launched in 2015 as part of the program for localizing the production of personal protective equipment. This was the first specialized production of aramid fabrics in Russia for the creation of heat-resistant PPE. The enterprise produces Nomex® aramid fabrics , being the only Russian participant in the international quality program – Nomex Partner Program, which confirms its absolute compliance with the high standards of the global DuPont ™ brand. Since 2008, Energocontract Group of Companies has been producing a group of heat-resistant anti-electrostatic aramid materials under its own patented TERMOL® trademark . TERMOL® fabric successfully passes the most stringent tests in Russian and foreign laboratories, not inferior in its performance to imported counterparts. “Energokontrakt“ also produces double-sided metallized elektropovodyaschuyu tissue s , which is a world first began to be used in creating single-layer shielding and shunt kits.

Test methods

The qIn laboratory conditions, heat-resistant properties (preservation of the physical and mechanical properties of the fabric after exposure to high temperatures) are determined in accordance with GOST R ISO 17493-2013 “Occupational Safety Standards System (SSBT). Clothing and heat protection. Method for determination of convective heat resistance using a hot air circulation oven ”. Heat-resistant properties are possessed by fabrics that are able to maintain physical and mechanical properties as a result of exposure to high temperatures. In the approved procedure, the samples are tested in a special oven at 260 ° C for 5 minutes. Under such conditions, aramid fabric can only change in color, but the structure of the material remains strong and does not collapse.

Knitted Production


The marketing may be in the form of a heart to heart talk with Mr. BHeat-resistant knitwear is an additional protection and a comfortable item of everyday wardrobe for workers in the cold season. Knitwear is made on modern equipment, but some operations are done manually to guarantee a high-quality connection of sweater parts.

Quality management system

is based on the requirements of the GOST R ISO 9001-2015 standard, the legislation of the Russian Federation and internal regulations, which are based on many years of experience in the production of heat-resistant personal protective equipment.

Quality policy of the company

means that we undertake to meet and even exceed the Client’s requirements for the Quality of our PPE, as well as for the raw materials and materials used in their production. We are constantly improving our products and working on new developments, studying customer satisfaction with the quality of our products in order to take corrective actions in a timely manner, if necessary.


means that the first persons of the Group of Companies assume responsibility for ensuring the high quality of the products, as well as the raw materials and materials used. The management of the Group of Companies forms the Quality Policy, sets strategic and operational goals in the field of Quality for the management. Seeks to achieve these goals

Eqp quality program

Since 2016 the Energocontract Group of Companies has visualized its unique approach to product quality control. All arc-resistant and fire-resistant kits have a logo of their own quality program – Energocontract Quality Program (EQP). The EQP label confirms the originality of the Energocontract kit and, at the same time, is a guarantee of its reliability, efficiency and the highest protective properties. The EQP quality program guarantees the responsibility of Energocontract as a manufacturer and supplier of personal protective equipment: For the quality of raw materials and materials used in their creation, and constant work with contractors and suppliers to improve quality indicators; For quality control at all stages of production within the framework of the GOST R ISO 9001-2015 standard and higher corporate quality standards created on its basis; For a well-functioning system of receiving feedback from users of the products and for making changes that have a positive effect on the performance properties of the product and its comfort; For conducting tests – both mandatory certification and voluntary, confirming, among other things, the increased physical and mechanical properties of the materials used, as well as the protective properties of products at all stages – from fiber to finished product