Our company has already proved to be a reliable supplier in the sphere oil and gas, mining processing and chemical industries. We have a big partner range of manufacturers of hydraulic systems worldwide. Opinion of each customer is important for us, therefore a simple principle is taken as a basic philosophy of our work: RELIABLY. QUALITATIVELY. FAST.


منصاتنا الصناعية مجهزة فقط بالتقنيات والمعدات الحديثة. يوفر فريق العمال المؤهلين الجودة والموثوقية لجميع المنتجات المصنعة. نحن نمتلك قدرة كبيرة من الموارد الصناعية التي تسمح لنا بتصميم وتنفيذ بعض المشاريع الكبيرة في وقت واحد.


Quality of the equipment we make is the key to success and a priority for our company. LLC Plant of Block Constructions and Technologies was certified on compliance to the state standard specification ISO9001-2011 (ISO9001:2008). We’re responsible for development and updating of the Quality management system, according to customers requirements.


موثوقية المنتجات - ثقتنا في المستقبل والتي تستند إلى مسؤوليتنا تجاه العميل. نتعامل مع المعدات المصنعة كعنصر من عناصر تحقيق أهداف العمل للعميل ، ومن المهم لنا أن تعمل المعدات بدقة وموثوقية ، وبهذه الطريقة فقط يمكن تحقيق الأهداف الفعالة.
نحن نقدر العميل ووقته وموارده ، ونتفهم التوقعات من منتجاتنا - الموثوقية والمتانة. يتم الوصول إلى هذه الشروط من خلال التحكم المستمر واستخدام المنتجات والمواد الأولية عالية الجودة فقط.


The engineering company LLC Plant of Block Designs and Technologies develops projects on packaged equipment, and also stations and installations for the petrochemical, oil processing and gas industries of the Russian Federation.
LLC ZBKIT carries out all complex of supervision works which are carried out by the certified specialists, who know the subtleties in operation of this type of the equipment. Relying on our work experience and knowledge of our specialists, we guarantee high-quality work.
Balancing and commissioning provides correct input of the equipment in operation and includes check of serviceability of all nodes and sensors, guaranteeing complete safety of work of all systems for the operating personnel.


On all our production we give a warranty period of 36 months from the date of purchase of the goods or 24 months from the moment of commissioning.


Unlike the majority of enterprises, our technologies allow making installations both for enterprises of extreme north, and for tropical widths. We are not limited by frameworks. We deliver explosion-proof equipment of both common industrial execution, and for the big conglomerates…